New Restaurant to support Dzamling Gar and Tsegyalgar East


January 2014

Unfortunately all the support, investments and donations didn’t reach the minimum to confidently start the project.
Nevertheless the huge positive feedback received by practitioners worldwide validated the idea of projects aiming to create sustainability for our Gars. We thank all the supporters/sponsors/donors who joined this initiative and we have already refunded all the amounts received.

There are several projects in our community that aim to support Gars, so please keep supporting them!

All the best,

Luigi Ottaviani & Ruben Eduardo



December 2013

We had occasion to spot a couple of amazing locations in the area between Northampton, MA and Amherst, MA. Both towns are the wealthiest of the area and are located near the 5 most famous colleges of US.

We managed to find a few sponsors and that’s really awesome!!! Thanks a lot guys!!! We still need a little more help to reach a safe amount to start , but things are looking good!



Objective: Promote the sustainability of Dzamling Gar and Tsegyalgar East.

Outline business case: There is a strong opportunity for Dzamling Gar and Tsegyalgar East to receive a steady flow of income every year by establishing an independent business whose sole purpose is to support the Gars financially. The benefits of this project should translate into a greater influx of income and sustainability for Dzamling Gar and Tsegyalgar East.

People directing this initiative: RYL Consulting – Ruben Eduardo and Luigi Ottaviani.

RYL has been successfully providing service to the restaurant industry since 2011. We provide management support, complete restaurant startups solutions, and custom financial analysis and reporting, POS setup, wine list development, Foh and Boh operational procedure set up. RYL encompasses all the knowledge gathered from our years of experience working in some of the most famous restaurants in NYC and Western Massachusetts. At RYL our focus is to deliver superior services and solid improvements to our customers’ businesses. For more information, please contact

Goal: To raise up to $300k.We hope to reach our funds in the following months as we are targeting December 2013 as the projected opening date.

Location: Currently scouting locations in Western Massachusetts: North Hampton, Hadley, Amherst, and South Deerfield.

How we plan to sustain the Gars: Our aim is to give 50% of the net income of the restaurant to the Gars in form of annual donations. The remaining 50% of the income will be invested back in the business to insure business expansion and further its profit potential. The restaurant’s profit will be divided into (1) main donations to the Gars, and (2) investments to the restaurant to encourage further business growth.

Project Initial Limit:  This project aim is to establish a restaurant with the sole purpose of supporting our gars. If the funding will not reach the planned minimum amount of $200,000, the amount to reasonably start a successful operation, all donations and contributions given by supporters and donors will be returned minus the bank transaction fees.

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